Directed by: Kaan Müjdeci (2014)



Establishing a bleak village in Eastern Turkey as its setting, Sivas features the story of Aslan, an eleven-year-old boy, and Sivas, a weathered fighting dog who develop a strong relationship after Aslan finds Sivas wounded in a ditch, left to die. Meanwhile, a school play dominates the background as Aslan is disappointed in losing the role of the prince to Osman, his rival-in-love and son of the village head. While Osman gets ahead in the two boys’ race to win the hand of Ayse, the “princess” of the village, Aslan tries to impress her with his newfound friend. And Sivas, having found a new lease on life, wins one fight after another, strengthening Aslan’s hand. However, as Sivas’s success attracts more attention by the village head, the roles change and Aslan finds himself in an unexpected crashcourse into adulthood, leaving the princess behind.



Venice Film Festival "Competition", Italy (2014)

Karlovy Vary Film Festival "Another View", Czech Republic (2015)

Sarajevo Film Festival "In Focus", Bosnia and Herzegovina (2015)

Hamburg Film Festival "Competition", Germany (2014)

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival "Competition", Turkey (2014)

Tokyo Film Festival "World Focus", Japan (2014)

Vilnius Film Festival "Critic's Choice", Lithuania (2015)

Abu Dhabi Film Festival "New Horizons", United Arab Emirates (2014)



Venice Film Festival
Special jury prize


Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
Best Editing
Behlül Dal Special Jury Prize


Abu Dhabi Film Festival
Best Actor
Child Protection Award for Best Script




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